22 July 2010

Bucket List

Move to a different state
Own a dog
Marry a man i cannot live without
Have 4 kids
Live simply
Smell the roses (literally and figuratively)
Hug a Hanson :)
Laugh every day
Successfully have an all-nighter
Hang out with ALL of my Sullivan cousins at once
Be a good mom
Build my perfect house with a window seat
Help people
Go to Africa with TOMSshoes
Go to Cambodia on a missions trip
Be scared and not let it stop me
Be brave
Have an adventure
Go where God leads me
Listen more than I speak
Record an album
Be in love
Find out what my passion is
Get a tattoo that really means something
Be more like my Grampie
Change the world
Be changed by the world
Lose 60 lbs
Learn how to garden (also.. learn to not hate gardening)
Be a good friend
Bring someone to Christ


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